Look out for Julie in the Devon Loves Dogs van!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Devon Loves Dogs has just become a lot more visible and people will easily be able to spot Julie as she travels around Devon running waggy walks and meeting new members.


Julie said:


“I am really delighted with the new Devon Loves Dogs van. At the start of the project I was transporting the gazebo and event equipment around in my car but with the support of our partners, Devon Loves Dogs is lucky to have a new van, which is fantastic.


We chose a Citroën Berlingo because it fits all of the equipment in, but is no bigger than a family car. Although it’s a diesel it uses AdBlue* which reduces the emissions which was a really important consideration for us. As well as the practical benefits, the new vehicle is also turning heads and I’ve been stopped several times already by dog owners enquiring about the scheme after seeing the striking design. If you see me out and about please wave or stop and say hi.”


*One of the latest techniques used to clean up diesel emissions is known as selective catalytic reduction (SCR). A solution of urea in water is used to treat exhaust gases and remove harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), of which nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the most harmful.  The fluid used in most vehicles is known as AdBlue, a registered trademark owned by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), which ensures standards are maintained. The fluid is stored in a tank in the car, but unlike petrol or diesel it is not injected into the engine; instead it is fed into part of the vehicle’s exhaust. A chemical reaction converts the harmful NOx exhaust gases into harmless nitrogen and water.


Julie standing next to her van