We're back!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Like many people I have recently returned to work and I’m delighted to be back from furlough. It’s been a strange few months to say the least but we’re working hard behind the scenes to make our working practices, Waggy Walks and pit stops Covid safe so that we can return to what we love – meeting our amazing dog walkers and their furry friends. I’m working from home and starting to get out onto our protected sites along with my colleagues Amelia and Will, our Wildlife Wardens. You can find out more about what they do here

Maisie (my furry friend) has also had to get used to a different routine during lockdown. Being a Labrador x Spaniel she’s a great mix of active and lazy. I think she’s enjoyed some of our new routines, but she did get a bit bored with our local walks around the village and refused to go out sometimes! Maisie has learnt a few new skills as my children constructed a home made agility course in the garden, made from toys and garden equipment, this short video was even shown on Blue Peter! She’s also learnt how to catch the frisbee which has been great for her fitness and keeping her brain active. With everyone still at home I think she might secretly be craving a few hours to herself to sleep on the sofa – whilst none of us are watching.

We’d love to hear your lockdown stories, what did you and your dog enjoy together? How did your dog make you smile during lockdown? Do get in touch with us on social media, or via email


Photo of black dog with frizbee