Cranbrook Dog Walkers Code

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Council recognises the importance and obvious benefit to everyone of promoting responsible and considerate dog walking. Cranbrook Country Park is a popular dog walking space and it is important to consider the impact that your dog might have on other people.
To keep Cranbrook as a safe and welcoming place for all, the following controls must be adhered to:
1. Dog owners must always pick up wherever they are.
2. Dog owners must keep their dogs on a lead on roads and pavements.
3. One person can only walk up to 6 dogs at once.
4. Dogs must not go into children’s play areas at any time.
Dogs must always be kept under close control, even when off the lead. If they have not been trained to respond immediately to the recall, they should not be let off the lead in any area used by other members of the public. If a dog does cause a problem, such as attacking other dogs or pets or fouling, advice can be obtained from the council by contacting the Environmental Health team by emailing . If an incident is reported then full details of the situation, the dog and its owner, dates and times must be included.
The Council recognises the importance and obvious benefit to everyone of promoting responsible and considerate dog walking. As a profession, dog walking companies must treat the safety and welfare of dogs and people as paramount at all times. As a condition of using the public open space in the town, professional dog walkers are invited to sign up to the following voluntary code of conduct.
• To comply with the Control of Dogs Public Spaces Protection Order 2020 issued by East Devon District Council on 1 May 2020 available at
• to keep dogs in my charge under proper control at all times
• to ensure operatives have an identification badge stating the company name and contact details. This must be worn while exercising dogs in public spaces
• to attach visible identification to dogs in my charge, giving details of the company, in addition to the visible owner’s identification tag
• to keep abreast of any forthcoming changes in legislation regarding micro-chipping of dogs and dangerous dogs
• to do everything to minimise the impact of exercising multiple dogs on other open space users, therefore avoiding causing concern to members of the public
• to provide appropriate insurance cover for the business
• to only exercise the maximum number of dogs covered by insurance
• to only transport dogs in vehicles that are fit for purpose, with current insurance, tax and MOT
• to ensure there is adequate ventilation and extraction for the size of vehicle and number of dogs carried, and efficient heat and temperature control or air conditioning
• to always carry clean, fresh drinking water and clean bowls to offer dogs after exercise
• to not restrain dogs by leashes or chains within the vehicles. Caging or containment within vehicles must be suitable for the size and number of dogs, to safely transport them. Ideally, cage doors should be fitted to the vehicle
• to have a good knowledge of dog behaviour and skills in dog training and handling
• to have a sound knowledge of canine first aid
• to be registered with a local vet
• to have a plan of action in the event of an emergency


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