Restoration work at Woodbury Castle

Monday, October 23, 2017

Woodbury Castle was previously put on Historic England’s ‘at risk’ register, mainly because of erosion caused by visitors, but also due to damage from tree roots and scrub growth.

The restoration project at the iconic hill fort started in September this year. The first stage, creating the new steps, is complete. The next, will be to repair the erosion scars on the ramparts. This involves over 1000 tonnes of material being used to fill in the scars and create a layer over the original earthworks to protect the fragile deposits which are so vulnerable to erosion.

The main steps into the hillfort were a little worse for wear, this led to people walking around them, resulting in erosion of the ramparts. A grant from Historic England has allowed the Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust to replace the existing steps, and to extend them, improving access as well as protecting the historic earthworks.  The new steps are now complete and they will soon be open for everyone to use, making it much easier to access the interior of the hillfort. 

Members of the public are said to be welcome to visit the area to see the work in progress, and guided walks will be arranged so people can learn more about the history of the monument and why the work is needed.

The car park at Woodbury Castle has been closed, as part of restoration works to the Iron Age hill fort, but access is still possible by foot and other car parks nearby are open.