Top Tips for enjoying the beach in summer

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Most dogs enjoy the freedom of the beach, the soft sand on their paws, the joy of running through the shallows and maybe digging a hole! The beach is a great place to enjoy with your dog but in the summer, when restrictions are in place and beaches are much busier it can be tricky to find a spot to enjoy.

Here are our top tips for enjoying the beach in summer.

1. Check the tide times

At some locations you risk being cut off if you're not careful. All beaches are affected by the tide, during summer when the areas where you can walk your dog are reduced, it makes sense to go at low tide if you can when there's much more space for everyone to enjoy. Tide times can be found online.

2. Check the Out and About pages for suggestions of dog friendly beaches.

3. Read and follow signs, they will explain which areas are dog friendly and will include any hazards to look out for, such as sudden drops, soft sand, groynes and other things which could be dangerous for your dog.

4. Make sure you have fresh drinking water for your dog and a towel to dry them off, the water temperature is pretty chilly, especially at the beginning of the season.

5. Keep your dog on the lead on the way to the beach, especially in car parks and near roads. Make sure you have space to run and play before you let them off - poo bags at the ready!

6. Most beaches can be busy at times with many other activities taking place, always keep your dog near to you, in sight and away from other people unless invited. No-one wants to be apologising for a picnic theft or dog wee on a sandcastle!

7. Remember that sand and pebbles can burn your dogs paws in hot weather and dogs can quickly become overheated and dehydrated at the beach. In hot weather, visit during early morning and evening to keep your dog healthy and happy.


Two dogs playing with a stick on a pebble beach.