Waggy Walk cancelled due to extreme heat

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

We've been running our Waggy Walks for nearly 4 years now and although we've occassionally had to cancel due to dangerous storm conditions, we've never had to cancel due to extreme heat before! In the current heatwave it's simply too hot to be walking our dogs in the daytime, even in the shade. There are some great products available to help keep your dog cool, everything from cooling mats to lie on, paddling pools and chews to keep in the freezer. But you don't need any special equipment, just keep them indoors or in the shade and keep them entertained with a chew or treat and let them relax. Remember to keep those water bowls topped up. To find out more about when to avoid walking your dog have a look at this handy guide


Patti the miniature Dachshund sleeping